Spring Break 2018 was a good one. I had just started studying computer science after switching from mechanical engineering. The curriculum was very slow to start, and I was in desperate need of some adventure. This week was exactly what I needed.

The goal was to see the southern border of the US, mostly out of curiosity. I planned to stop at several scenic spots along the way. The images below are the ones that remain several years, hard drives, computers, and big life events later.


As with many of my road trips, the first stop was Moab. I met up with some friends and we hiked to Corona Arch in the dark. This was the first time I had ever seen a scorpion!

Grand Canyon

I was having so much in Moab that I contemplated changing plans and staying there all week. I’m glad I didn’t, though, because I saw some amazing things in the following days. This sunrise at Yaki Point in Grand Canyon National Park being one of those things.

Horseshoe Bend

I’ve taken a lot of photos of Horseshoe Bend in the several times I’ve stopped there. This one is by far my favorite. The storm in the background just looks so cool.


I spent maybe a total of 10 hours in Zion National Park. In that short amount of time I still managed to be the first atop Angels Landing for the day. It was very cold and icy, and I was glad I had gloves to hold on to the chain that is there to assist hikers through the steepest sections of the hike.